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Move Out/Final Water Meter Read Request

  1. Village of Lake Zurich - Request for Final Water Meter Read
    I hereby authorize the Village of Lake Zurich to initiate a final read of my water meter as part of a real estate sale or rental property move out.
  2. Processing Period
    We are able to process your request when all of the required information is provided. Your final bill will be mailed to the new address provided. Your final payment will need to be paid directly to the Village of Lake Zurich even if you were previously an ACH customer.
  3. As printed on your water bill
  4. Type of Account*
  5. Your final bill will be sent here. Not the service address listed above.
  6. Enter your full name above to accept the terms of this request.
  7. Next Steps
    We will confirm your request via email within one business day. Final bills are mailed within 10 days of the closing/move out date.
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