The Forestry Division provides a budget plan for maintenance of the Village’s urban tree populations. Dollars are provided in this program for trimming, removal, and replacement of trees located in the Village-owned parks and right-of-ways. Our current inventory totals over 7,900 trees and represents nearly 20 different varieties.

The Village Arborist conducts street tree inventories using Tree Management Software. A street tree inventory can be a valuable tool for upgrading, managing, and assuring a healthy urban forest for the future.

Please review the following for further information on the value and care of these valuable assets:

Revised Tree Ordinance

On May 24, 2019 the Village Board approved Ordinance 2019-05-312 revising Title 7, Chapter 6, titled “Trees,” of the Lake Zurich Municipal Code, which governs the regulation of trees on all Village-owned property or in Village rights-of-way.

In accordance with Chapter 7-6-30 of the Lake Zurich Village Code, a permit is required to remove any tree of 10 inch diameter or greater and to provide tree protection for any tree four inch diameter or greater that may be impacted by proposed construction activity. Questions regarding this application should be directed to Village Arborist Shawn Walkington at 847-540-1696.