Field Operations Division

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible segment of the Lake Zurich Police Department, consisting of sixteen patrol officers and four sergeants. Officers work eight and one quarter hour rotating shifts. Sergeants supervise the squads of officers, while the Field Operations Commander oversees and coordinates the entire Division. 

Patrol officers are routinely the first responders in most emergency and non-emergency calls for service, and thus are the most visible to the public. Officers patrol residential and business areas to prevent, observe, and suppress unlawful activity, while also monitoring the roadways to ensure public safety.  The Patrol Unit strives to serve the community’s needs in a prompt and professional manner, working together with the citizens of Lake Zurich to resolve the problems that affect the quality of life throughout the community. 

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is comprised of one sergeant and two traffic officers. Officers assigned to the Traffic Unit work closely with traffic engineering, community development, public works and the Community & Police Advisory Committee to improve response to traffic safety issues. The Traffic Unit utilizes marked and unmarked squad cars, as well as police motorcycles to accomplish their mission. The Traffic Unit actively participates in traffic safety programs and national enforcement campaigns throughout the year.

Lake Zurich Traffic Officers are also members of the Major Crash Assistance Team of Lake County (MCAT), a multi-jurisdictional crash investigation team.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division consists of three Detectives, one School Resource Officer, one Officer assigned to a drug task force and one Sergeant. The Detectives are responsible for the investigation of cases not initially cleared by the responding patrol officers. These officers are also responsible for investigating offenses involving juvenile offenders, crimes committed against juveniles, abuse and neglect cases and other matters relating to juveniles. 

The Lake Zurich Police Department is a member of the Lake County Major Crime Task Force. This unit provides assistance in the investigation of a homicide or other exceptionally heinous crime within Lake County. This task force provides specially trained investigators and equipment not normally available to individual agencies.

Evidence/Property Custodian

The Investigative Aide is responsible for all facets of property and evidence management in the Lake Zurich Police Department’s Property/Evidence Room. This position involves the receipt, recording, custody, security, and disposition of all lost property, evidence, and contraband coming within the custody of the Lake Zurich Police Department.  All property is maintained in the designated, secure Evidence/Property Control Room or secured property garage.

School Resource Officer

The Lake Zurich Police Department provides a Detective assigned as the School Resource Officer (SRO) to Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95. The SRO acts as a resource with respect to delinquency, identification, and crime prevention. This Detective also provides guidance on police/school ethical issues in the classroom setting, provides counseling services to students on an individual basis and explains law enforcement’s role in today's society to students.