Summer Construction Update


Date: June 4, 2020

Dear Resident,

The Village is pleased to advise you that it has contracted with Peter Baker & Son to provide road resurfacing in your neighborhood. The work will consist of milling and resurfacing the existing pavement, and removal and replacement of the existing curb and sidewalk as needed. Construction activities will be limited to the hours of 7am to 7pm Monday–Friday, and 8am to 5pm on Saturday.

Construction is scheduled to begin Monday, June 29 with an estimated
completion date of August 28 Weather permitting.

Please note that until the project is complete, on street parking will not be permitted at any time during construction hours, even if there appears to be no construction taking place on your road. This will allow the engineer/inspector and the contractor to work unimpeded. Cars parked on the street during the hours of construction may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense. Listed below is a description of the various steps involved in this project.

In the event that access to your driveway has been removed due to curb, sidewalk or infrastructure repairs, the Village/Contractor will provide specific instruction for additional parking.   

1)           Personal Property Placed in the Right-of-Way: Privately-owned irrigation systems and dog fence systems located within the public right-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner. Residents are encouraged to have systems marked prior to construction and the crews will do their best to accommodate. Repair or replacement of any of these systems that are damaged during construction or as a result of the construction will be the sole responsibility of the resident.

2)           Curb and Sidewalk – Remove and Replace: Curb and Sidewalk will be removed and replaced at locations determined by the Village, where applicable. Residents will be notified one (1) day in advance of any work that may require temporary driveway closure.

3)           Pavement Milling: The existing roadway will be milled to a depth specified by the contract. This will in effect lower the road temporarily. Access to your driveway should not be impacted during this process, but we ask you to please enter your driveway with caution due to the increased curb height or pavement lip during this stage of construction.

4)           Prime Coat (Oil) Placement: A layer of “prime coat” (oil) will be placed on the road prior to paving. This prime coat can be very difficult to remove if it happens to get splashed onto your vehicle or tracked onto your driveway. Avoid driving on the prime coat when at all possible. If unavoidable, please drive slowly.

5)           Roadway Paving: Following the prime coat treatment, asphalt will be placed. The final product can be adversely affected by excessive vehicular traffic during placement. Please limit the number of trips through the area of construction.   Access to your driveway during this process may be temporarily restricted.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this project. If you have any questions or concerns during construction, please contact Public Works at 847-540-1696 or

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