Sponsorship Opportunity

The mission of the Village of Lake Zurich's signature events is to provide a diverse program of events that will enhance the already high quality of life in Lake Zurich as well as provide exposure and traffic for our local community businesses and organizations. 

The Village of Lake Zurich is proud to offer a wide variety of special events throughout the year that create a sense of community and foster civic pride. The Village of Lake Zurich values its sponsors and provides quality opportunities that businesses will find have a positive return on their investment 

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Sponsorship Benefits

All sponsors enjoy these great benefits:
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Ability to build community support and brand loyalty
  • Direct contact with community leaders
Feel free to contact the Village of Lake Zurich Park and Recreation Office with any questions or to discuss customized packages targeting your marketing and advertising goals.

Phone: 847.540.5068  I  Fax 847.540.5081
Email: Bonnie.Caputo@lakezurich.org

Sponsors have been a vital part of the Village of lake Zurich's recreational activities in the past and we look forward to your support.

Thank you again for your consideration.

Tom Poynton
Review the complete sponsorship program by downloading our printable brochure.