Residential Knox Box

The Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department has a residential Knox Box program that will allow emergency personnel access to a residential structure in the event of a medical emergency. This program is funded by a donation from the Lake Zurich Retired Firefighters Association. The Knox (key) Box program is available to Village and District residents and is designed as a short-term loaner program for medical needs. If a family anticipates frequent calls for medical help, and it is difficult for someone to answer the door, a Knox Box would be appropriate for the residence.

A family can obtain an application from the Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau. The program is geared toward short-term medical needs and/or illness where the resident may be at home and unable to routinely answer the door for no more than six months. If a family would like to have a key box on their residence for more than six months, then a Knox (key) Box may be purchased from the Fire Department.

This program will save valuable time for first responders when trying to gain access to a residence during a medical emergency. If you have any questions on this program, need an application or any other safety related information, please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 847-540-5073.