Electric Aggregation

Village of Lake Zurich Electric Aggregation Program with MC Squared in 2023

The Village of Lake Zurich is pleased to announce it has joined an increasing number of local governments committed to addressing climate change at the local level by joining a 100% Green Electric Aggregation Program with Chicago-based MC Squared Energy Services.  The new program includes a 13-month term effective from July 1, 2023 to August 1, 2024. Under municipal aggregation, local officials bring citizens together to gain group buying power for the purchase of competitively priced electricity from an alternative electric supplier.

MC Squared Energy

Since 2012, the Village of Lake Zurich has participated in a regional electricity aggregation program, which periodically requests competitive bids for electricity supply on the community’s behalf that may be lower than the standard ComEd tariff-based supply rates. This electricity supply rate will be locked-in at 7.95¢ per kWh for this 13-month term, offering residents the choice to support renewable green energy at a bulk-purchase aggregation rate far cheaper than individual homeowners can find on their own.  This new aggregation program allows Lake Zurich to advance important environmental sustainability goals by guaranteeing all electricity obtained through it will be green sustainable energy produced by Midwest-located wind, solar, and hydroelectric facilities. 

This 100% Green Electric Aggregation Program supports clean, renewable energy development by providing Lake Zurich with electric supply and Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”).  100% of the power consumed will be “green” sustainable energy produced by Midwest-located wind farms, solar, and hydroelectric facilities as represented in Renewable Energy Certificates (“RECs”) to be used on behalf of the Village residents.  A REC is a market-based instrument that represents the property rights to the environmental, social, and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation. 

With Lake Zurich’s 100% Green Electric Aggregation Program, you will still be a ComEd customer for electricity delivery and metering purposes at your home or business as ComEd will continue to be responsible for wires, poles, and all emergencies, including outage restoration. This aggregation program only affects the price of the electricity you use. You will continue to pay ComEd in the same manner as you currently do. This new locked-in rate impacts only the "supply" portion of your ComEd bill, not the total bill. The "delivery" and "taxes/fees" portion of your ComEd bill do not change by switching electricity suppliers or participating in aggregation programs. You will continue to be eligible for all ComEd payment options, including e-bill, automatic bill payment, and budget billing. Any community solar generation credits you receive from ComEd are independent of this aggregation program and will not be affected by the green aggregation program. 

You are not required to do anything to patriciate in the Village’s electric aggregation program, mc2 will automatically process your enrollment. You may opt out by calling (833) 740-0476, Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., or by emailing LakeZurich@mc2energyservices.com. In addition, you can cancel your agreement at any time with no termination fees.

If you choose to opt out of the program, please visit Plugin Illinois, the Illinois Commerce Commission website for free consumer information and a list of options to purchase electric supply from other Retail Electricity Suppliers or ComEd. You may also request a list of all supply options available in a format allowing comparison of price and product from the Illinois Power Agency free of charge at www.illinois.gov/ipa/Pages/Feedback_Form.aspx.  

If you are currently on ComEd’s hourly-based electric supply rate program (including households that charge electric vehicles overnight), or are on a solar-power program, or have already chosen another power supplier than ComEd, you will not be opted into this aggregation program.

For more information, email LakeZurich@mc2energyservices.com or call (833) 740-0476, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please beware: Any solicitor who comes to your door or calls, asking you to switch to a supplier, is not associated with the Village, mc2, or ComEd. For information on electricity rates, please visit www.pluginillinois.org, the Illinois Commerce Commission website for consumer information.

Lake Zurich’s average energy profile is over 5 million kWh's, backed by REC’s.  The EPA does a conversation to see what’s an equivalent carbon footprint.      

  • 10,800 wind turbines running for a year
  • 8,600 gas-powered cars taken off the road for one year

Solar and Net Metering Customers

If you have solar panels on your home and are in a net metering program, the Village highly recommends you remain with ComEd as your electricity supplier and not switch to another supplier.  WARNING:  When you switch electricity suppliers as a net metering customer, you lose all generation credit.  For this reason, you are strongly advised not to switch to an alternative supplier.

The Village of Lake Zurich will not automatically transfer accounts of net metering customers into a new aggregation program.

If you do opt-in to a municipal electric aggregation program you may have to forfeit any excess kWh credits from your current electricity supplier.  You will need to contact your electric supplier for details.  

The Village understands there are some solar panel contractors who will, on your behalf, register your electricity account with an alternative electricity supplier.  It is wise to prevent that from happening during your installation process and inform the solar contractor that you want to remain with ComEd.