Event Volunteer Opportunities

You can make a difference

The Lake Zurich community works with and through its volunteers at various events throughout the year. Your time and your talent go a long way in making making our events a huge success year after year.

While we can't pay you, we promise to take good care of you throughout your service hours.

If you enjoy getting involved at a grass roots level, please sign up.

...volunteer, get involved!

Signup to be part of these events

 2023 Events  
 Food Truck SocialsWednesdays 4 - 7 pm
June Through August

 Farmers Market Fri. 6/2/2023 to 9/8/2023
 Movies in the Park Fri. 6/16/2023 & 7/14/2023
 Independence Day Celebration Tue. 7/4/2023 
 Rock The Block Sat. 9/9/2023 
 Miracle on Main Street Sat. 12/2/2023 Signup Now

Please note that event details and information will be emailed to all volunteers the week prior to the event. If you have specific questions leading up to the event, your schedule should change, etc., please feel free to reach out to Bonnie Caputo, Recreation Director, directly at Bonnie.Caputo@lakezurich.org.