Emerald Ash Borer Information

Do I need to obtain a permit for removal of a tree on my private property? 

Yes. A no- fee permit is required for removal of any tree of 10 inch diameter or greater.  A permit application is available here. The completed application can be e-mailed to Mike Cernock at Mike.Cernock@lakezurich.org
EAB Removal

Does the Village have a parkway tree planting program? 

In April 2016, the Tree Commission recommended a Parkway Tree Replacement Program by focusing $50,000 of budgeted funds on specific neighborhoods, based on the order that trees were removed.  Replacement trees have been planted since 2016 with an expected completion of the program in 2025. The cost of trees and availability of funds may push the program beyond 2025.

Can I have a tree planted on my parkway sooner than when the Village plans to do it? 

Yes. Residents interested in paying for a replacement tree once the infested ash tree has been removed are asked to complete the application available here. This no-fee application process helps ensure the tree is planted in an appropriate location and that the tree is an approved species. Please submit the application when you have decided on the species, but before purchasing the replacement tree. We want to ensure tree diversification throughout the Village and reserve the right to suggest an alternate species. The completed application can be e-mailed to Mike Cernock at Mike.Cernock@lakezurich.org.

Projected Planting Dates (updated 4/21/22)

Subdivision Number of Trees Year
Sparrow Ridge 47 Completed 2020
Chasewood 226 Completed 2020
Quail Run 16 Completed 2020
Concorde Village 7 Completed 2021
Heights (inc. Knollwood) 47 Completed 2021
Farm Bridge 51 Completed 2021
Sonoma 10 Completed 2021
Orchards 76 Completed 2021
Jonquil 5 Completed 2021
Heatherleigh 17 Completed 2021
Ancient Oaks 75 2022
Breamar 93 2022
Bristol Trails 142 2022
Hunters Creek 72 2022
Industrial Park 67 2022
Mohawk Point 11 2022
Wicklow 81 2022
Estates 41 2023
Chestnut Corners 219 2023
Millers Grove 82 2023
Claireview 3 2023