Pets in Parks / Park Watch

Pets in Parks
The Village Board removed the general Pets in the Park prohibition on November 17, 2020 (Ordinance 2020-11-390). Dogs are permitted on all park pathways while on leash. For the safety, convenience, and enjoyment of all, no pets are allowed on park playgrounds, fields, courts and open space areas.

Owners and dog possessors are subject to a $500 fine per violation for dogs off leash and $250 fine for failure to clean up dog feces. 

For more information, please read Chapter 3 of the Village Code Book.

2021 Park Rules Sign

Park Watch
Throughout the year, vandalism becomes quite an issue in our parks. Graffiti and destruction of village park property costs everyone. 

While walking our trails, driving by or using our parks, we strongly encourage anyone that witnesses an act of vandalism being committed to call the Lake Zurich Police Department non-emergency number at 847-438-2349 immediately and report it.