Lightning Prediction Systems & Sirens

A cooperative effort between the Lake Zurich Baseball / Softball Association, Ela Township, and the Village of Lake Zurich uses a Lightning Prediction Systems at Paulus Park, Braemar Park, Staples Park, Chestnut Corner / Hunters Creek Park, Lions Park, and Knox Park. These systems, from Thorguard Inc., are equipped with both horn and strobe light signals for the warnings of potential lightning strikes. These systems are supplemental early warnings to aid in providing additional safety measures for life threatening lightning occurrences.

How it Works
These systems will give warnings with one 15-second blast of the horn and a flashing strobe light. At this time you should immediately seek safe shelter and suspend all activities outdoors.

Once the threat of lightning has passed, the system will give three 5-second blasts of the horn and the strobe light will stop flashing. At this time, activities can resume, as long as you feel it is safe to do so.

These alarm systems will only be active from early Spring to late Fall and will only be activated during morning (no earlier than 8 a.m.) to evening (no later than 11 p.m.). The systems will be tested generally on the first Tuesday of the month in the morning following the tornado test siren.

To find out more about these systems, visit the Thorguard website or contact the Lake Zurich Park & Recreation Department at 847-438-5146.

Additional Information
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