Emergency Management

Emergency Management Agency  - Citizen Corps & CERT

The Village of Lake Zurich Emergency Management Agency (EMA) provides for the planning, response, mitigation, and recovery to natural and man-made disasters within the corporate limits of the Village. The mission is to safeguard life and property by making use of available manpower, equipment and other resources in order to minimize the effects of natural or technological / man-made disasters. The creation of the Village EMA was formally accomplished by Ordinance 91-4-13.

The Village of Lake Zurich President is the authorizing agent to declare a Village emergency or disaster. Upon any such declaration, the Lake Zurich EMA is activated. Support of the director to complete the mission is through the various Department Directors and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

In order to support the mission, a Village of Lake Zurich Disaster Preparedness Plan was created and is regularly updated to effectively manage the four phases of disaster management. After identifying our local vulnerability to various disasters and applying risks management principals, the plan provides the necessary frame work to secure the available resources to address the critical needs of the community.

The goals and objectives of the Lake Zurich EMA are accomplished by working under a Unified Command system following the Federal National Incident Management System (NIMS) structure. These activities are conducted within the established Village of Lake Zurich Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which was designed to provide the critical operational infrastructure of the command team.

In the event our local and mutual aid resources are depleted, a CERT has been established to support the first responders and assist the community. The local CERT is a team of volunteers, trained in various tasks.  The team can operate independently and integrates with emergency responders through the National Incident Management System. 

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