Fire Rescue

Each member is trained to the State of Illinois' Firefighter II level. This is the entry level certification established by the State Fire Marshal's Office. The fire marshal has established training programs for all levels and branches of the fire services. This includes instructor certifications, fire officer certifications and inspection certifications to name a few. More specialized areas such as arson investigation, vehicle extrication, and hazardous materials are also provided. This entry level certification covers approximately 350 hours of class room and practical experience.

Continued Training
Each members' training continues from the Firefighter (FF) II level. Every month a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education and experience is required. These requirements are met by conducting training each day for approximately 2-3 hours. As new classes are taken and new certifications are attained the continuing education demands increase.

A majority of the department members hold Firefighter III certification.

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Annually, more than 100 firefighters die in the line-of-duty. The Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department supports firefighter safety. Click the Everyone Goes Home Safe icon for information on the 16 Fire Fighter Life Safety Initiatives and other fire fighter safety programs.