Snow & Ice Removal

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the Village respond to snow and ice conditions? 
Typically, plowing operations begin after snow accumulation of 1-2 inches. Depending on weather conditions and information from the Village’s weather forecasting service and weather radar system, snow/ice removal operations may begin sooner. 

2. When will my street get plowed? 
The actual response time will vary with the specifics of the storm. At the start of a snow event, Village crews focus first on ensuring major roadways and roadways adjacent to schools are clear for safe passage of emergency response vehicles and general traffic. Thereafter, lower traffic volume streets (residential side streets and cul-de-sacs) will be plowed. The goal is to have all streets cleared and pavement in a safe condition within eight hours after the snow event has substantially subsided. 

3. What are the parking regulations during a snow event? 
Parking is prohibited on Village streets during times of two or more inches of snowfall. The parking of unattended vehicles on Village streets during significant snowstorms or other severe weather is a serious nuisance that inhibits the Village’s ability to maintain the streets in a passable and safe manner. 

4. Why is snow plowed into my driveway? 
Village’s snowplows are designed to unload snow to the side. They are the most efficient means available to plow snow from the streets and provide for safe vehicle passage. An unfortunate consequence of side delivery plows is that snow is discharged to the curb where driveways are located. 
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5. Will the Village come back and plow the snow that was left on my driveway? 
Given the resources available, it is not feasible for the Village to commit to plowing snow from driveways from all the homes in town. Rather, the Village suggests residents shovel snow on the parkway to the right of the driveway (when facing the street) so that it is “downstream” when the plow comes by. Subsequent snow passes will then push this extra snow away from the driveway rather than into the driveway.

Best way to shovel your driveway
6. The parkway area in front of my home was damaged by Village snowplows. Will the Village repair it?
Unfortunately, during snow plowing, objects and areas adjacent to the street can be damaged without the snow plow operator even being aware of the damage. Damaged grassy areas will be identified and repaired the following spring by the Village. To report parkway damage, please contact General Services Superintendent, Mike Cernock, at 847-550-1775 or Items in the parkway area, other than grass, is the homeowner’s responsibility. 

7.  Does the Village require me to remove snow from sidewalks adjacent to my home? 
The Village does not have an ordinance that requires residents to remove snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their property.  However, the Village certainly encourages residents to take the neighborly initiative and shovel snow from sidewalks.  Sidewalk users can include school age children, exercise enthusiasts and emergency service providers.  Given limited resources, it is not possible for Village crews to remove snow from all residential sidewalks in town.  Therefore, during snow events residents are asked to assist by removing snow from public sidewalks.

8. My mailbox was knocked down by Village snowplows. Will the Village fix it?
From time to time, a snow plow driver may hit a mailbox, or just the mere weight of the snow may knock down the mailbox. If a mailbox legally placed within the right of way is damaged by the Village, then the Village will:
  • Repair the mailbox
  • Replace the mailbox with a standard U.S. Postal Service box and support structure complying with the standards set forth in Section 7-1-5-2 of Municipal code,

  • Reimburse the resident in an amount not to exceed $20 for the mailbox or $50 for the mailbox and post. 
Mailbox damage should be reported to General Services Superintendent, Mike Cernock, at 847-550-1775 or