Refuse & Recycling Collection

Lakeshore Recycling Systems

The Village of Lake Zurich contracts with Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) for weekly refuse, recycling, and yard waste collection.  Electronic waste drop-off, organic food scrap compost service, portable restrooms and large open-top construction style containers are also available.

LRS staff can be reached at 847.381.9300 or

LRS Brochure 2023 

Prairieland Disposal Toter

ONE PASS Truck Collects Trash & Recycling

LRS runs OnePass residential trucks in Lake Zurich, allowing for the collection of trash and recycling at the same time. 

These OnePass trucks are smaller versions of garbage trucks that reduce the amount of wear and tear on local village streets over the long-term.  Items left outside of carts will be picked up by a separate truck

Available Cart Dimensions

Cart Capacity High Wide Deep
35 gallons 38" 20" 25"
65 gallons 40" 26" 28"
95 gallons 45" 29" 33"

Truck has two compartments to separate trash and recycling.

Lakeshore Recycling Systems service & cart options:

Prices are based on one (1) refuse cart and one (1) recycling cart.  Prices below effective September 1, 2023.

Plan A

Unlimited Household Service, 95 Gallon Refuse toter and 95 Gallon Recycling toter. Weekly yard and food waste included max 15 bags per day. One bulk item pickup included.

Plan B

Limited Service, 65 Gallon Refuse toter and 95 Gallon or smaller Recycle toter. Weekly yard and food waste included max 15 bags per day. No bulk item pickup.

Senior Plan (Large)95 Gallon Refuse toter and 95 Gallon Recycle toter. Weekly yard and food waste included max 15 bags per day.  No Bulk item pickup.$23.47
Senior Plan (Small)

65 Gallon Refuse toter and 35 Gallon Recycle toter.  Weekly yard and food waste included max 15 bags per day. . No Bulk item pickup. $22.48

Collection Day - Tuesday and Wednesday

Lake Zurich collection days with LRS are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please see this map for your collection day.

Senior Discount

A senior discount for those 65+ will be available for Lake Zurich.   See table above for senior discounts.  


Invoicing is handled directly by LRS.  Invoices are mailed to customers on a quarterly basis as follows:

  • Mailed in December for services received in: December, January, February. 
  • Mailed in March for services received in:  March, April, May.
  • Mailed in June for services received in:  June, July, August. 

Vacation Hold

Residents are allowed three months’ vacation hold per year but they must call LRS in advance. 


All residents determine the size of their recycling cart at no additional fee. All recyclables go in the cart. Sorting is not required.

Curbside Compost Collection

Weekly curbside compost collection (yard and food waste) is included with all service plans at no additional fee. Curbside compost collection runs from April 1st to the second week of December each year.  

If you currently use a can marked with an “X” or labeled “Yard Waste” you may continue using these for both food waste and yard waste. As an option for residents, LRS will provide a container for the collection of food and yard waste for $5 per month. Alternatively, you can use any lidded plastic container (50 lbs. or less) that has handles, or bio-degradable brown paper bags.  

More details on curbside composting and leaf collection. 

Back Door Collection

LRS offers household back-door collection for residents who would like the added convenience of not transporting the carts to the curb each week. This is an optional service at $25 extra per month.

Bulk Item Pick-up

A weekly bulk item pickup is included with LRS service for customers in Plan A (the largest carts).  One weekly bulk item is an item weighing 50 pounds and less and shorter than 4 feet in length. No construction debris or hazardous materials. For special bulk item pickup, residents may contact LRS directly.

Per Sticker Cost $3.32

Stickers will only be required for those who choose one of the smaller carts on those occasional days you have more garbage bags than can fit in your cart. Customers with the largest cart size will never need stickers, unless you are disposing of large bulk items. Curbside composting for food waste and yard waste is included in your service and will not require stickers. 


Due to EPA regulations, appliances cannot be disposed in landfills. LRS will collect your old appliances left curbside and properly dispose of them. Customers will need to call LRS in advance to schedule appliance pick-up. $10.00 per appliance.

Leaf Vacuuming

Autumn leaf vacuuming will be available for all of Lake Zurich at no extra charge beginning in mid-October to mid-December. The amount of leaves is unlimited and no bags are required, as all collection will be via vacuum trucks.  More details on curbside composting and leaf collection.  

Electronic Waste Disposal - Curbsite Collection

LRS offers a once-per-year curbside collection event each July for electronic waste for all residents in Lake Zurich, at no extra charge. This will be on your normal collection day. Limited to one TV or monitor and up to five additional smaller electronic items.

Electronic Waste Disposal - Drop Off Location

LRS accepts e-waste items dropped off at its facility at 1350 North Old Rand Road in Wauconda. free of charge for Lake Zurich residents. Unlimited items allowed, but only 1 TV or monitor per visit. Hours are Mon - Thur 8 am to 5 pm; Fri 8 am to 4 pm. Closed Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Tree Disposal

Discarded live Christmas trees placed at curbside will be picked-up at no additional cost for the first two weeks of January. 

General Collection Guidelines

  • All trash and recyclables should be placed at the curb no sooner than 7:00 pm the day before the scheduled pick up day and no later than 7:00 am on the  actual pick up day.
  • Stickers for extra bags are available for $3.32 in person at the Village Hall, 70 East Main Street. 
  • Carts should be placed with handle toward the house, along the curb.
  • Curbside composting includes yard waste and food scraps, both of which can be mixed together in the same container. 
  • Do not mix household refuse with recyclables in the recycling cart.   
  • Holiday Collection: Service will be delayed one day for the rest of the week on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. 

Community Recycling Programs

Lake Zurich partners with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) to provide a variety of recycling programs, including:

  • Clothing & textile recycling
  • Shoe recycling
  • Residential electronics recycling
  • Pharmaceutical collection
  • Food scrap drop-off site
  • Chemical waste disposal options
For information on these programs, please visit the SWALCO / Lake Zurich web portal online.

Recycle Often - Recycle Right

For a list of items you may or may not recycle, please click here.

SWALCO Explore Programs


For questions, contact LRS at 847-381-9300  If you have a concern with the service provided by LRS, please contact Kyle Kordell, Assistant to the Lake Zurich Village Manager at 847-540-1684.