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1. What am i paying for on the water bill?
2. Why is my first bill with the new meter so high?
3. Why is my water meter being replaced?
4. Who is installing the new water meter?
5. What is involved with a typical installation?
6. Is there a charge for the new meter or installation?
7. How long can I wait to schedule my appointment?
8. How do I know that my reading is accurate?
9. After meter replacement, should I flush my premises?
10. Will my water bill increase?
11. How does Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Work?
12. What is AMR?
13. Will my information be secure?
14. Will the transmitter radio frequency interfere with my television or phones?
15. Does Automated Meter Reading (AMR) have any other benefits?
16. How do I access to the online water consumption portal?
17. Why is the usage history missing from my bill?
18. Where can I ask questions or share concerns?