What do I need to do?
  1. If your notice says, “Electric Aggregation Notice,” your account will be switched to MC Squared and you need do nothing. You receive a ComEd switch notice in June confirming the change. You can choose to opt out by: 1) calling 833-740-0476, or 2) returning the pre-paid opt out form you received.
  2. If your notice says, “Informational Content Only: Account Returns to ComEd,” You need do nothing and you will be moved back to ComEd, but are still considered part of the Aggregation Community. In June, you will receive a notice from ComEd confirming your drop back to ComEd service.
  3.  If your notice says, “Remain at ComEd: Informational Content,” your account will remain at ComEd, and you need do nothing.

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1. What do I need to do?
2. I thought electric aggregation was a savings program. Will I save money on this program?
3. Will my rates change?
4. Someone came to my door to sign me up.
5. Why are some accounts at ComEd and some at MC Squared Energy?
6. I am new to Lake Zurich. How do I enroll?
7. Can I enroll online?