What does it cost the Village to purchase these trees?

It depends on the species. The Village goes through a competitive bid process each year so the prices fluctuate based on nursery stock/climate conditions, etc.  The available replacement tree stock is often in short supply. Lake Zurich is not the only municipality looking to replace trees.

The trees are roughly $250 - $400 per tree. So, the annual $50,000 budget gets the Village roughly 150 to 200 trees each year.  Obviously, if additional resources become available in the future, the Village may be able to increase the number of trees planted each year.

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1. What is the goal of the Tree Replacement Program?
2. What are parkways and where will these trees be planted?
3. How long will the program last?
4. Which trees will be replaced first?
5. Why might my tree not be replaced?
6. How will the tree species be decided?
7. When will I know I will be receiving a tree?
8. How does the Village obtain the trees?
9. Will I be able to obtain a larger tree if I would like?
10. Can I opt-out of the program if I do not want a tree placed in my parkway?
11. Who is responsible for maintaining the trees?
12. Do I need a permit to remove a tree on my private property?
13. Why do I need a permit to remove a tree?
14. Do I need a permit to plant my own tree in the parkway?
15. Why do residents receive notices to remove dead trees?
16. What does it cost the Village to purchase these trees?
17. Can I have a parkway tree planted sooner than when the Village plans to do it?
18. What can I do to ensure the success of this program?