May Whitney Elementary School - 100 Church Street



Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 (CUSD-95) proposes to demolish the existing May Whitney Elementary School at 100 Church Street and rebuild a new elementary school on the same site with outdoor recreational activities and an associated parking lot.  CUSD-95 is working with Shannon Baird, DLA Architects to request Village approval for the creation of a Planned Unit Development (PUD), approval of a Plat of Consolidation of various parcels that make up the property and site plan approval for the proposed elementary school.

This construction project is being funded through a March 2018 CUSD-95 referendum.  The estimated $77.6 million from the referendum was targeted for large-scale upgrades to multiple school buildings.  

History of May Whitney

May Whitney was originally constructed in 1929 as a high school with the large two-story brick masonry building that is still used today and served that purpose until Lake Zurich High School opened in 1974.  It served as a middle school from 1975 to 2004, when Middle School North opened.  After opening in 1929 as a two-story building with a basement, CUSD-95 added both a one-story building with a basement and a three-story building with gym in 1950.

Then, in 1959, three-story and two-story additions were built and another three-story addition was constructed in 1960. Finally, in 1990, six new classrooms were added and connected to the original building. 

 The site has remained under the CUSD-95 control for over 90 years.  


In regards to May Whitney, the project proposal includes:

-Construct a new two-story elementary school on the northern side of the site.

-Construct outdoor amenities: a soccer field, basketball court, general purpose outdoor playground, and an early childhood playground. 

-Reconfigure the parking lot and drop off area for vehicles and buses. The buses will continue to enter from the north side of the property via a private drive on the Lake Zurich High School site and vehicular traffic will enter from the south side via a private drive.

Construction on the site is anticipated to begin in July of 2019 with substantial completion in early 2021.  The new elementary school is planned to be open to students in August 2021.  In the meantime, the existing school will still continue to be used until it is scheduled for demolition in August 2021. 

Village Review

Shannon Baird, DLA Architects is the "Applicant" for the property "Owner" CUSD-95.  The Applicant filed an application with the Village of Lake Zurich  on April 24, 2019 seeking:

-Approval of a Planned Unit Development with proposed modification to the Zoning and Land Development Codes

-Site Plan Approval to allow the establishment of an elementary school on the property within Lake Zurich's IB Institutional Building District.

-Approval of the Plat of Consolidation of various parcels that currently make up the property. 

Pursuant to public notice published on April 30, 2019, a public hearing has been scheduled with the Lake Zurich Planning & Zoning Commission for May 15, 2019 to consider the Application.

The Village is reviewing the final development plan for May Whitney at the June 17, 2019 Village Board meeting via an Ordinance Approving a Development Concept and Final Plan for a Planned Unit Development and Approving Modifications to the Zoning Code.

Development Related Documents

Agenda materials for May 15, 2019 Public Hearing 

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Site Plan Engineering 

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