Jonquil Park Playground Renovation

Community Selects Next Playground Vision

Lake Zurich’s Playground Renovation Program focuses on the replacement of the playground at Jonquil Park (519 Carolian Drive). The program is designed to upgrade/replace village park playgrounds over a 20-year period. The playground is expected to be installed and ready for use by Summer 2023.

We are looking for community feedback on 10 visions that were submitted as part of the RFP. Click on any of the visions to cast your vote.  All are eligible to vote, especially your kids, as they will be primary users of the renovated playground. All votes will be tallied on Tuesday, February 28th and announced here and on our social media outlets.

Existing Playground

Jonquil Park Feb 2023

Playground voting is just one way Lake Zurich engages its citizens in projects and activities that advances the Village Board's goals of promoting community participation.

Vision 1

Jonquil Vision 1

Vision 2

Jonquil Vision 2

Vision 3

Jonquil Vision 3

Vision 4

Jonquil Vision 4

Vision 5

Jonquil Vision 5

Vision 6

Jonquil Vision 6

Vision 7

Jonquil Vision 7

Vision 8

Jonquil Vision 8

Vision 9

Jonquil Vision 9

Vision 10

Jonquil Vision 9