Emerald Ash Borer Update

What is the Village doing about the Emerald Ash Borer?

Of the approximately 7900 parkway trees in the Village, it is estimated that 2700 trees are infested with the EAB beetle and need to be removed. With the guidance of the Tree Commission, in June 2014 the Village Board approved a stepped up tree removal program that calls for all of the infested trees to be removed no later than late 2016.

When will the dead/diseased EAB tree on my parkway be removed?

To be clear, the parkway is generally defined as the Village owned area between the curb of the street and the sidewalk. The removal schedule is shown to the right.  Please note that depending on financial resources and weather conditions, the removal schedule may vary. When a tree is targeted to be removed in your area, a notice of removal letter will be sent to your home 30 days in advance of the scheduled removal.

Will the Village come back and remove the stump once the tree is removed?

Yes.  Stumps will be removed typically within a few weeks of tree removal.  Locator markings will be sprayed before stump removal to locate underground utilities.  The parkway will be restored with topsoil and seed when weather permits (spring through fall). 

Do I need to obtain a permit for removal of a tree on my private property? 

Yes. A no- fee permit is required for removal of any tree of 10 inch diameter or greater.  A permit application is available here. The completed application can be e-mailed to Public Works Analyst, Nicky Petroff at Nicky.Petroff@lakezurich.org.
EAB Removal

Does the Village have a parkway tree planting program? 

The most immediate need was for the Village to first focus limited resources on the removal of infested ash trees.  Now that removal is mostly finished, replacement efforts are starting.  In April 2016, the Tree Commission recommended a Parkway Tree Replacement Program by focusing $50,000 of budgeted funds on specific neighborhoods, based on the order that trees were removed.  The first year of this Replacement Program will occur over the summer and fall of 2016.  Replacement efforts will continue over multiple years.

Can I have a tree planted on my parkway sooner than when the Village plans to do it? 

Yes. Residents interested in paying for a replacement tree once the infested ash tree has been removed are asked to complete the application available here. This no-fee application process helps ensure the tree is planted in an appropriate location and that the tree is an approved species. Please submit the application when you have decided on the species, but before purchasing the replacement tree. We want to ensure tree diversification throughout the Village and reserve the right to suggest an alternate species. The completed application can be e-mailed to Public Works Analyst, Nicky Petroff at Nicky.Petroff@lakezurich.org.