Open Space & Recreation Master Plan

Paulus Park SignIn December 2010, the Village contracted with Norris Design (a national parks and recreation planning and design firm) to develop and coordinate a revised Open Space and Recreation Master Plan from the existing 2004 adopted Open Space Master Plan.

Since January 2011, the consultant team, in conjunction with the Park & Recreation Department, has been working to analyze the needs of the community through focus group meetings, a community survey, a benchmarking survey, and an analysis and needs assessment of facilities and programming.

In July 2011, the Park and Recreation Advisory Board reviewed the Open Space & Recreation Master Plan and made the recommendation to the Board of Trustees to accept the OS&RMP. On September 6, 2011, the Village Board approved a resolution to adopt the OS&RMP for its purpose in improving existing park facilities and as a guide for planning for the future of the Villages park facilities and recreational programming.  For further information contact the Park & Recreation Department at 847-438-5146 or contact Michael Perkins, Park & Recreation Director by email.