Dive Team

The dive team is trained and outfitted to handle any type of water emergency. This includes drownings during warm weather or when there is ice covering the surface.

This team has saved lives in Lake Zurich.

Training Needed
The training is extensive and ultimately adds to a fire-fighters need for continuing education. Monthly sessions are held to keep the divers proficient and active.

Becoming a Diver
There are two ways to become a diver. The first is to take the Dive Rescue class which is approximately 40 hours long and covers open water, advanced open water, and public safety diver. Also the diver needs to complete the ice diving course. With this certification the diver will only be certified as long as he/she is still in the department.

The other way is to become PADI certified, which involves the same courses listed above, but each is approximately 40 hours long. With this certification he/she can dive anywhere any time. 

The dive team is comprised of 7 members.