2019 Construction Updates


The contractor has completed the main sewer installation under North Old Rand Road (the operation that requires frequent trucking) and is working on connecting building service lines to the new sewer.  This process will likely continue though May 24, 2019.  Service installation will include significant work in the parkway along the Bayshore parking lot. Residents should be extra careful while in the area.  Please keep away from excavations as they may not be stable. 

North Old Rand Road will REMAIN CLOSED to all non-construction traffic between Lakebreeze Court and US 12 until further notice. Local traffic to Bayshore and Lakebreeze will continue to be maintained from the east end of the project site and as directed by the contractor.

Please proceed with caution and watch for workers, equipment, and trucks.


As part of ongoing efforts to extend the life of our aging infrastructure, the Village has contracted with Insituform Technologies USA to install cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining in large diameter sanitary sewers in your neighborhood.  This process allows for the trenchless installation of a protective pipe liner with limited ground disturbance to the surrounding area.

For this work, the contractor will be accessing the manholes located along streets and in the public utility easements in the area.  These manholes will be accessed for cleaning prior to the lining, then once again for lining activities, and finally for inspection.  You may notice temporary piping and cables laid between manholes during construction operations or overnight between operations.  If piping is laid across driveways or streets, Insituform will be providing access via temporary ramps for vehicles as needed.  

Typically, each section of sewer to be lined will require up to twelve (12) hours to complete, generally between the hours of 7 am & 7 pm.  During this time, the sewer connection to some homes will be sealed off.  Homeowners will be asked to make limited use of toilet facilities and refrain from doing laundry until the service connection can be reestablished.  Additional precautions residents can take during the period of service interruption include keeping toilet lids down and pouring 1-2 cups of water into basement floor drains to keep any odors from entering the home (this recommendation can be done regularly).  

Manhole access will be intermittent as construction activities progress.  The contractor, Insituform Technologies USA and/or the Construction Manager will attempt to contact you in person before to accessing the easements through backyards (if necessary).  Prior to limited water usage period, affected homes will receive a white door hanger informing of the date and times of service interruption. (If work is canceled for that date a red door hanger will notify homeowners of the cancellation).

Contact Public Works at (847) 540-1696 for specific information or needs regarding this project.



Work is anticipated to being June 3 - June 5 2019 to line the 30-inch sanitary sewer main under Harvest Drive and on to a portion of Old Mill Grove Road.

Residents may be asked to park on the street during work operations to allow for large trucks to access manholes in the parkway. LIMITED WATER USAGE HOURS WILL BE IN EFFECT FOR HOMES RECEIVING DOOR HANGERS (door hangers will be hung the day prior to work commencing on your sewer line). Please see the map below for additional information.




The Village is proceeding with steps to consolidate the number of downtown properties held as public real estate. A contract with Ford Excavating of Kankakee, IL has been approved and crews began building demolitions  the week of Monday, May 6, 2019 on multiple properties to facilitate new investment opportunities for future private-sector development opportunities.

Village-owned buildings slated for demolition include:

  • 7,15 and 19 South Old Rand Road
  • 22 Park Avenue
  • 36 Mionske Drive

Demolition work is expected to be largely completed by Memorial Day weekend but may take up to 30 days, depending on weather conditions. On-site work will be limited to 7:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday through Friday and 7:00 am - 5:00 pm on Saturday. No work is permitted on Sundays.

The listed properties will be demolished down to sub-level, including removal of foundation as well as the existing parking lot behind 15 South Old Rand Road. The contractor is required to restore all sites for final grading with topsoil deposit, grass seed, and erosion control blankets, as well as provide and install storm water protection as required by the Village of Lake Zurich's storm water management standards.

The Village does provide free public parking at the lot on the corner of Main Street and Old Rand Road that residents can utilize as general public parking any day of the week (except during downtown special events).

downtown demo parking

2019 Summer Road Resurfacing  (LAST UPDATE 5-15-2019)

The Village is using over $1.5 million of Non-Home Rule Sales Tax to fund the annual road resurfacing program for 2019.  Locations identified for this year's program includes Old Mill Grove, Countryside, Old Rand Road, Kuechmann park, and Ash Street, which covers 3.3 miles of local streets. 

Locations are chosen based on engineering studies of pavement conditions and rates of deterioration.  Work is not scheduled to begin until after the July 4th holiday.

Work includes pavement resurfacing, concrete repair, and utility structure repairs.  Once complete, the new surfaces should last 15-20 years without the need for additional resurfacing.

Selected Contractor via Competitive Bidding Process:  Buildings Paving LLC of Hillside, IL2019 Location Map 040519