2018 Sanitary Sewer Construction Updates



Work for the 2018 Sanitary Sewer Lining project has been substantially completed. Minor areas of isolated work are anticipated in the spring including minor manhole patching and restoration of any damaged areas. Thank you to residents and businesses affected for your patience and cooperation throughout this project


As part of ongoing efforts to extend the life of our aging infrastructure, the Village has contracted with Insituform Technologies USA to install cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining in large diameter sanitary sewers in your neighborhood.  This process allows for the trenchless installation of a protective pipe liner with limited ground disturbance to the surrounding area.

For this work, the contractor will be accessing the manholes located along streets and in the public utility easements in the area.  These manholes will be accessed for cleaning prior to the lining, then once again for lining activities, and finally for inspection.  You may notice temporary piping and cables laid between manholes during construction operations or overnight between operations.  If piping is laid across driveways or streets, Insituform will be providing access via temporary ramps for vehicles as needed.  

Typically, each section of sewer to be lined will require up to twelve (12) hours to complete, generally between the hours of 7 am & 7 pm.  During this time, the sewer connection to some homes will be sealed off.  Homeowners will be asked to make limited use of toilet facilities and refrain from doing laundry until the service connection can be reestablished.  Additional precautions residents can take during the period of service interruption include keeping toilet lids down and pouring 1-2 cups of water into basement floor drains to keep any odors from entering the home (this recommendation can be done regularly).  

Manhole access will be intermittent as construction activities progress.  The contractor, Insituform Technologies USA and/or the Construction Manager will attempt to contact you in person before to accessing the easements through backyards (if necessary).  Prior to limited water usage period, affected homes will receive a white door hanger informing of the date and times of service interruption. (If work is canceled for that date a red door hanger will notify homeowners of the cancellation).

Contact Manhard Engineering Construction Coordinator Andrea Larson at (847) 325-7310 for specific information or needs regarding this project.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Sanitary Sewer Lining Project is available here.