Water Meter Change Out

Beginning in Mid-February 2018, the Village of Lake Zurich will replace residential and commercial water meters village-wide. The existing mechanical meters are 23 years old and have exceeded their expected service life. The new meters will replace these older, underperforming units with new technology that will alert on high water usage, tampering and aid in leak detection.

The meters automatically transmit data wirelessly and eliminate the need to manually read each meter. This allows the Village to be more efficient and save money by preventing recording errors and eliminating time consuming manual meter reading and wear and tear on Village vehicles. A web-based portal permits residents to monitor their own consumption and establish alerts online.

The Village has awarded a contract to Siemens to perform this meter upgrade project. Residents will receive an introductory letter in January 2018 with water meter change out information. The project will be under way throughout early 2018 with updates posted on the Village website and social media outlets. Water meter change out is mandatory for all residents and business. The systematic replacement of meters in a neighborhood will be announced with postcards requesting residents in the area to schedule their appointments.

The new water meter will be installed at no additional cost. A resident over the age of 18 will need to be home during the installation which is completed within 30 minutes. Please identify the location of your water meter prior to the appointment and remove any obstructions.

Revised Utility Billing Statement

The new water meters are capable of reporting consumption in gallons, in comparison to the former mechanical meters that reported consumption per 1000 gallons. Reporting and billing in 1000 gallon units can result in the appearance of a spike in consumption and amounts due, when actual consumption, month over month is very similar. The new meter has the capability of reporting usage in one-gallon increments allowing for the transition of the utility billing statement to 100 gallon units.

Legacy Utility Billing Statement

Current Utility Billing Statement

Ready to change out your meter?

To schedule an appointment, call Siemens toll free at 866-623-0784 or visit ScheduleMyMeter.

The meter change out process takes about 30 minutes. An adult of over the age of 18 must be present during the appointment.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Michael Duebner at 847-540-1690 or via email.

Village Code related to Water Meters

The Village Code Title 7 Chapter 5 Section 6 details the responsibility of the Village and water customer to ensure the operation of a safe water system.