Fire Alarms

Compliance with the Lake Zurich building code requires all new commercial structures and many multi-tenant buildings to install a sprinkler system and maintain a direct connect fire alarm. Businesses in existing commercial structures may also be required to install and maintain a direct connect fire alarm. Direct connect fire alarms are monitored around the clock by our Police Dispatch Center. Activated alarms are immediately identified and the appropriate response is sent to the business.

In comparison, alarms monitored by a third party alarm company, often called central station alarms, are relayed to a dispatch center along with the location of alarm by telephone. This delays a response and is therefore not permitted within Lake Zurich.
All Lake Zurich direct connect alarms are managed by a single vendor, Tyco, according to a stringent and well planned out protocol. Alarms are presented in the dispatch center through a radio network that includes continuous self-diagnostics and failover equipment to guard against system failures that could impact the performance of any one alarm or the system as a whole.
If you have been directed to install and maintain a direct connect fire alarm, please contact Mike Marsh at Tyco, (773) 905-3857 or to discuss your needs. A working fire alarm includes one or more detectors, interior wiring, alarm panel, radio communications equipment and monitoring services. Lake Zurich only requires that you contract with Tyco for supply, installation and connection of the the radio equipment to the alarm panel and the dispatch center. 

As of January 1, 2016, the following prevailing fees are billed by Tyco:

  • One-time connection for the radio to the dispatch center: $150
  • Monthly alarm monitoring: $35
  • Radio equipment maybe purchased outright or rented on a monthly basis.
Tyco offers an optional service agreement on the radio that covers future maintenance or repairs of the radio for $12 per month. Tyco may from time to time, offer additional installation and service options that you may deem appropriate for your business, that are not required by Lake Zurich.

We look forward to answering your questions and assisting you with any concerns about direct connect fire alarms. Contact the Lake Zurich Fire Prevention Bureau at (847) 540-5073 or via email at