Zoning Code & Map

Purpose of the Code
The overall purpose of this zoning code is to promote and enhance Lake Zurich as a community comprised principally of well-maintained single family residential neighborhoods and separately located, thriving business and industrial areas.

The official copy of the zoning map is maintained by staff and is available for public inspection during Village business hours at the Building & Zoning Department.

Administrative Purposes
The purposes of this code related to administration are to:
  • Define the powers and duties of administrative officers and bodies necessary to administer this code
  • Establish procedures for the efficient and effective use of the provisions of this code
  • Establish standards for the review of applications filed pursuant to this code
  • Prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this code
Assistance Offered
Staff offers the following specific assistance to property owners and individuals seeking to develop or improve properties in Lake Zurich:
  • Zoning determinations and advice concerning the allowed use of properties and development options
  • Inspection and enforcement of zoning code in response to complaints and staff determinations